At Bright Future, we focus on a play-based educational format. Our child-centered approach uses interactive experiences to tap into the natural curiosity younger children have about learning new things. We help develop the cognitive, communication, language, physical, self-help, and socio-emotional skills of the children. Our goal is to motivate the children to learn as well as being extremely responsible to their individual needs and challenges.

Infants starting at age 6 weeks

Our Infant program at Bright Future goes so far beyond what the regular daycares have to offer. This class gives our nurturing Teachers an opportunity to bond with your little ones and develop trust with parents. Each child will have a primary caregiver who will be designated to guide your child’s development. In our Infant class the children will be provided with a stimulating, warm and safe environment:

We offer exclusive milestone-based curriculum which allows for immersive learning, consisting of:

  • Individualized care that builds your child’s self esteem
  • Experiences such as Tummy Time, Creative Art and infant based play time that will encourage use of your child’s fine/gross motor and cognitive skills.
  • Age appropriate materials that support learning and development
  • A safe environment that allows your child the freedom to explore
  • Teacher- infant interactions that stimulate your child’s socialization and curiosity
  • Our State of the Art facility is equipped with a hands on Sensory area


Our unique approach in developing Toddlers thru our curriculum is providing them with a perfect balance of learning, playtime and nurturing each day.

  • Self help skills
  • Implementing structure by following a schedule and weekly themes
  • Learning centers focused on art, science/nature studies, Manipulatives, Language arts and Dramatic Play.
  • Age appropriate activities and materials that able your child to develop self esteem, confidence and a love for learning.
  • Identification of letters, numbers, shapes and colors,
  • Daily group activities to stimulate your child’s social skills.
  • Potty training


Independent exploration, structured activities and Hands on learning are all major components  in our Preschool Program. Your children are gaining communicative and social skills. They are becoming more aware of themselves and their peers. Our Preschool program provides the children with a strong and dynamic foundation that allows them  to grow academically and socially.

  • Developing life skills, flexibility in thinking and a daily routine that promotes independence.
  • The ability to make decisions and planning ahead.
  • Mastering of letters ,numbers, shapes and colors, name recognition, Activities such as cutting with child scissors, tracing and writing to enhance fine and gross motor skills and coordination.
  • Sequence of events, patterns and routines.
  • Language arts and literacy
  • Phonics


Our Pre-K program concentrates on “Kindergarten Readiness”. In this class we provide our students with the tools necessary to succeed in Kindergarten. We will challenge their minds to expand the world around them.

  • Curriculum and activities that prepare your children for Kindergarten and school success
  • Becoming familiar with sight words, letter sounds and sentence structure
  • Reading beginner level books without assistance
  • Addition, subtraction and problem solving
  • Becoming familiar with geography
  • Enrichment programs including tutoring and fitness.

Enrichment Activities

We are excited to offer Enrichment Programs, which are included in all of the previous listed programs. Our goal is to provide high-quality enrichment programs for children that build self-confidence through learning and fun activities.

Our enrichment programs will include:

  • Music
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Movement

Enrollment Information

We welcome all parents and children to come and tour our facility to see if you think Bright Future is the right preschool for your child. To make an appointment to tour the facility or for more information regarding our enrollment process and tuition fees, click on the button below to get started!

Virtual Tour School

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